Monday, March 7, 2011

First Thursdays

Last week Reena, Viha, and I decided to go to First Thursdays before going to dinner at Purple Pig. This  event occurs on the first Thursday of every month at art galleries in two areas of Chicago. They are open late and some serve wine and cheese for their guests (the wine is how I think I convinced Viha to come!). We visited three galleries and at the Ken Saunders Gallery I was inspired to take pictures of the beautiful glasswork created by Seattle artists. As I was taking pictures, two women approached us and introduced themselves as the exhibiting artists, Debora Moore and Jenny Pohlman. They were such inspirational women. We chatted about how they became artists, what we did, what we thought of their artwork, and they really encouraged me to pursue my passion for photography. I really appreciated their words of wisdom!!! I would definitely recommend that you visit their websites and check out the gallery if you are in the area.

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