Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 St Patrick's Day in Chicago

St Patrick's Day in Chicago is considered a holiday like Halloween is in New York City. The city celebrates the weekend that falls before St Patrick's Day. People get up early to hit the bars or go to Chicago River to watch it change to the color green. I woke up last Saturday to watch the river get dyed and it's amazing how quickly the river changes color. A small boat rides around a four block span to pour a rust colored powder in the water to instantaneously turn it green. Another even smaller boat follows shortly behind to what I assume to help mix the water but that is just my theory...I wasn't really sure what the purpose of the boat was.

Afterwards on my walk home, I was crossing the bridge and noticed kayakers. There was one interesting one dressed up as a leprechaun. Then I noticed a row team gliding towards the green water. It was a fun event! Hopefully you can see it next year!!! 

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