Tuesday, April 10, 2012

India: In the mountains of Munnar, Kerala

From Goa, Shama and I traveled to Munnar, Kerala. We passed some random waterfalls along the way. We had quite an adventure getting to our cottage/hotel in Munnar. We thought we had a 4 hour ride but our hotel ended up being over two hours past the city of Munnar in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. It was quite a scary experience and we were so happy to make it to the hotel after the last stretch of broken road in a random worker's jeep in the pitch dark! Check out what we did once we went back to Munnar!

The waterfalls on the way to Munnar
Our cottage in Munnar

The cabbage patch :)

The farm workers in the tea plantation

The dam

The lake off the dam

The men in Munnar

Growing tea leaves

The streets of Munnar

Shama in the clouds of Munnar

An endangered goat in a national park in Munnar

I can't be in the south of India and not have a yummy dosa!

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