Wednesday, February 29, 2012

India: Where I Come From - Unjha! Part 3 - The Streets

Hope you are having a great week!!! This post about the streets of Unjha brought me back to my childhood memories when I used to spend my winters there for almost 2 months with my schoolbag full of homework so I wouldn't fall behind in school. All my cousins I visited there remembered helping me in various subjects. My aunt also reminded me how I used to feed the stray dogs rotis and would keep asking her to keep making more. Enjoy my last posting about Unjha. Stay tuned for my next stop...Mumbai!!!


Cows chillaxing

Streets of Unjha

Of course there is a cow in the way of the car!

Popat kaka, Hiten, and Shama waiting for our freshly squeezed juice on the streets of Unjha

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