Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meher Dance Company - 2011 Winter Dance Recital

I was asked by my friend Gopi Engineer, who's a fabulous dance instructor, to take pictures of her dance company's 2011 Winter Recital. The performances were great and you could see the enthusiasm of all her students (young and old) in their faces as they danced. Congratulations to all the performers!!!

For more photos from the show and information about classes, visit Meher Dance Company's Facebook page.


  1. Thanks Nita for the post, pictures and comments! You captured everything so beautifully. You ROCK!



  2. The photos look great! Thanks for this post. Another success for Gopi:)

  3. These pics are GREAT and everyone looks like they're having so much fun!!! Sorry we missed this but will be sure to make the next one!! Congrats, Gopi. And Amazing pics as usual, Nita!