Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt with Suhayla

Suhayla entertaining herself with the balloon
On Saturday, Suhayla, Dina and I went to our first Easter Egg Hunt ever! The sun actually made it out that day so it was a nice day to spend in the South Loop. Once we arrived at the park, we had to hold off Suhayla for more than 10 minutes before the egg hunt started. She made a break for it a few times to start picking up the eggs and we had to grab her and distract her until it began. The Easter Egg Hunt started and ended quickly, Dina and I tried to point Suhayla in the direction of the eggs but she wasn't as speedy as the other kids in picking up the eggs. In the end, she still had a bucketful of plastic eggs filled with candy and small toy! After the egg hunt, Suhayla made friends with a bunny at the petting zoo, played with balloons, and wandered around the park. Our first Easter Egg Hunt was a success!!! :)

Looks like Dina is having more fun than Suhayla!

Checking out the animals at the petting zoo

What's inside???

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  1. I can't believe you guys have never been to an Easter egg hunt. Thank goodness Suhayla's not deprived :)